Foreigners coming to Budapest can enjoy extra services of high quality rental apartments both at Buda and Pest.

Luxurious condominium apartments at Buda for rent

The level of luxury offered by condominiums at Buda may be different. There are several elements of luxury related to renting an apartment. Investors are aware of the fact that they can make expensive flats even more inviting with reasonable and comfortable layout and high end design, not to mention breath-taking panoramic view or luxurious services offered by the condominium.

These kinds of prestigious residential buildings provide several types of luxury services for expats who shall pay exorbitant prices for these extras as part of common cost.

Among others we can mention wellness services, like swimming pool, sauna, infra sauna, jacuzzi and steam cabin which became more and more popular in the past few years. High-end condominiums have an additional extra that is really important for families with kids: a playground available only for the tenants.

Advanced security systems are installed because of expensive equipment, furniture, belongings and also because important people living in such luxury rentals. 24/7 security service and camera system are available in all top quality condominiums with flats for rent.

Luxury properties for rent in the Downtown

In case of Pest luxury shall be measured in a different way!

It is the finest luxury to have one or two parking places in an underground garage residing in the same building as the rented property. Because of the architectural characteristics and monument conservation it is really unique to rent an apartment at Pest with big size terrace where you can sit out with your friends for a dinner, not to mention the scarce number of properties with panoramic view.

Real luxury in the downtown means that an expat has the possibility to rent a top or high floor apartment with panoramic terrace in a good condition building with elevator and garage. This is not impossible at all, but it’s good to know that the luxury rentals sometimes have luxury prices as well.

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