Property Types

Property types

Sometimes it is really difficult to decide even about the type of the property you would like to rent.

Rental market of Budapest offers many choices for expats. While an Asian client will most probably be afraid of living in a detached house, an American or German family would insist on finding a nice house with garden to rent, especially because of the children.

Of course, there are always some local characteristics and this is the situation with Budapest as well: we mean something else when talking about row house as in the UK and a condo flat has other meaning for us as for Japanese clients. Please, don’t misunderstand us: the above mentioned doesn’t mean that properties for rent in Budapest represent lower quality! Not at all! It merely means that you shall take into account not only your budget and the requests of the family but also the local particulars when you select the kind of rental properties you are interested in. We are happy to provide a helping hand regarding local specialties.

Given the above we always kindly suggest to our clients to be flexible when choosing the right property type, because it may happen that a client originally looking for a semi-detached house will finally choose a ground floor apartment with own garden part in an elegant condominium, enjoying all the additional services that it can offer.

Detached house

Also called as single-family detached home or separate house.

Main criteria of a detached house

This type of property is a free-standing residential building that is occupied by one household or by one family. These properties do not share walls with any other houses and don’t touch any other building.

They are built on large plots, larger than the building itself, providing an area surrounding the house that can be used for garden, guest parking place, playground, swimming pool, etc.

As these properties are not surrounded by other houses, the potential size, style, shape of a detached house is limited only by the budget of the owner and local construction provisions.

Detached houses for rent in Budapest

Detached houses for rent in Budapest offer at least 3-4 bedrooms, many bathrooms and walk-in closets. You have plenty of storage space and there is also a good sized garage for at least 2 or 3 cars. Most detached houses are equipped with automatic garden watering system, air conditioning and alarm system which can be connected to a security company.

Renting a house in Budapest generally means higher costs compared to a big size but standard quality apartment. As there are no neighbouring buildings that heat or insulate your walls from the other side, you may pay more for heating or for cooling, and you shall also pay the costs of gardening, maintenance of a swimming pool, wellness area by yourself. In spite of all these you can enjoy the benefits of being independent from other families, neighbours, have a private garden. There are no common used areas to be shared and you can bring your dogs with you as they will have a nice place to live as well.

Semi-detached house

Main criteria of a semi-detached house

A semi-detached house consists of pairs of houses built side by side to each other, sharing a common wall and their layout is usually the same like images in a mirror. This type of house is a kind of half-way between a detached and a row house, as it provides the much desired privacy on one hand but you will have one neighbour on the other hand.

Semi-detached houses for rent in Budapest

There are quite many semi-detached houses for rent in Budapest, mainly at Buda side or in the suburban areas of Pest (there are hardly any expats in the latter). These types of properties are offered for rent for a slightly lower price than detached houses. The differences in rental fees depend on the style of the house, size of garden, number of bedrooms, etc. If a semi-detached house is big enough, has a comfortable, spacious, separated garden and is in good condition, landlords ask for almost the same price as in case of a separated house.

If you would like to avoid feeling isolated from other people, a semi-detached house could be an appropriate choice and you may save money on utility costs compared to living in a detached house.


Villas are officially detached houses, but they do have some extras compared with a standard house. A villa is always more than a house: they are very luxurious, spacious, elegant (either in a classical or in a very modern way) and the have huge gardens.

Villa is something for rich people either for rent or to purchase. Their maintenance fee is quite high compared with a standard house, especially as they may offer the extra luxury of swimming pool, gym, saunas and steam bath, Jacuzzi, tennis court, etc.

The classical villas are perfect for embassy buildings with their historical façade and well maintained garden.

In Budapest one can find beautifully renovated and refurbished villas for rent both in the downtown and on the hillside.

Row house

Also called as terrace(d) house.

Main criteria of a row house

A row house is part of many houses built next to each other sharing their side walls with other neighbours. The first and last of these houses is called an end terrace. It is often larger than the middle houses and has bigger size garden: not only a green court in front and at the back of the property but also on the side of the house. As they usually have 3 or more levels, they are not ideal for families with babies or for elderly couples.

Living in a row house gives you the opportunity to have enough bedrooms (ideal for families), enjoy your small but private-use garden, keep pets and ensure that your kids will never be bored as these neighbourhoods are always full of children.

Row houses for rent in Budapest

Budapest can offer you some really children friendly condominiums that also have row houses.
This type of real estate can be a budget friendly solution, as the house is heated from two sides, means lower heating and cooling costs, and has a small garden that can be easily maintained by you.

Row houses are ideal for families with many children who cannot afford to live in a detached house but still would like to enjoy the privacy ensured by your own house and garden. Perfect for celebrating the best birthday parties ever with all the neighbour kids together!


Condominium apartments

What is a condominium in Budapest?

A condominium consist of several similar style multiple flat buildings and/or row houses and (semi-)detached houses in a fenced garden with small roads and ways between the buildings. They generally provide a well maintained garden, security service, playground, common used wellness area, sport facilities and gym.

Condominium apartments for rent in Budapest

Considering the fact that all high quality condominiums have been built in the last 10-15 years, they are in good or top level condition.

In most condominium flats there is one big space for the kitchen (American style or open plan kitchen), living and dining area. Bedrooms are smaller than in case of detached houses, because the total size of a standard 3-bedroom condominium apartment is between 120 and 150 sqm, while a house has at least 250 sqm living space.

Landlords generally rent out their condominium apartments with a storage room and one or two parking places in the underground garage of the building.

Apartment in block of flats (Multiple flat building)

In case of block of flats there is one building on the plot and there are 3, 6, 12 or even more apartments in the house. These properties are not protected by security service and you can’t enjoy other services like gym, swimming pool, etc.

Their big advantage is that they have a much familiar feeling as there are significantly less apartments in a block than in a condominium. As there are no extra services, the common cost is also much lower.

If you are looking for an apartment in a block of flats for rent, you can sit back relaxed as there is a wide range of these real estates with different style, size and price!

Many apartments located on the hillside of Buda have breath taking panoramic view that you can enjoy on a spacious terrace with friends and family during a delicious dinner on a warm summer evening.

Apartments in historical buildings in the Downtown

This property type is really special and typical for the downtown at Pest side. These apartments are located in old, historical buildings, sometimes older than one hundred years with open-air corridors (képet mindenképp berakni a körfolyosóról) and an inner yard. As they have at least three or four levels, elevator is a must in these buildings.

Some of them have facades that are under architectural protection and they are not equipped with big terraces, but only with a few smaller ones. An interesting detail about these apartments is that they have very high ceiling: 4 or even 5 meters!

A part of these real estates have been fully renovated offering a very special sensation of life as you live in an old, classical building but still perfectly renovated according to 21st century standards. If only they could talk….


Nowadays it’s a trend to call a top floor flat a penthouse. This criterion is not enough to qualify as a penthouse flat. A penthouse is on the top floor of a building (but not in the attic), can be reached by elevator, equipped with high quality materials and fittings and has a huge terrace (approximately the same size as the apartment) with panoramic view.

There are many penthouses for rent in Budapest as well, and we dare to say that there are real jewel boxes among them.

As penthouse apartments are considered to be unique properties, they are more expensive to rent, and because of the huge terrace the common cost related to the flat is also higher.

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