Apartment Rent Budapest

It is important to note that you will find different types of apartments for rent at the two sides of Danube River; and advantages of downtown flats are not the same as apartments at Buda side.

Apartment rent Buda

Despite of Pest side you won’t find old classical buildings with high ceiling at Buda where houses are built on bigger plots, especially at the more exclusive hillside; there is more green space ideal for playing with your children and spend your leisure time. Although there are condominiums at both areas, the Buda side condo apartments have a common garden as well often with playground.

The most popular areas of Buda are the 2nd, 12th and 1st district. Here you can find beautiful flats for rent in standard to luxurious condominiums or in elegant old villas. The supply is quite big; a wide range of properties are available to rent, no matter if you prefer a unique penthouse or a safe condo, there are plenty of apartments for rent at Buda you can choose from.

Apartment rent Pest

If you are single or looking for a nice apartment with your girlfriend or boyfriend, the answer is more like obvious: Pest is your place to live!

The heart of Pest is the historical area, covered by the 5th district, but the 6th, 7th, 9th and 13th districts are also preferred by expats. This region is famous for its old buildings with high ceiling, although newly built high quality condominiums can be found in the 9th and 13th districts, providing breathtaking panoramic view to the Danube and to the Buda side.

The apartments for rent in this area might have a slight disadvantage: major part of them does not have a garage or even a fix parking place. You’d better give up having a place for your car if you would like to live in a historical old building, as these real estates are not equipped with underground garage. Nevertheless newly built rental homes in the downtown offer not only the much desired parking space but also some extra services like swimming pool, sauna, 24/7 reception service, gym, etc.

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