Suburban Rentals

There are many neighbouring cities around Budapest getting more and more importance in life of expat families. These suburban areas are almost merged with our capital and operate like extensions, although they are administratively separated.

Suburban regions close to districts of Buda are favorable among foreigners and can offer home for expats. The favorite cities are Solymár, Nagykovácsi, Telki, Budaörs and Budakeszi.

The geographical expansion of expats around Budapest has two main reasons, namely international schools and factories, offices of multinational companies seated in the suburban cities.

Location of international schools

From an international school point of view the French School (located at Hidegkút ) and the American School (located at Nagykovácsi) play a dominant role for the expats who needs a house to rent.

Company headquarters

More and more companies decide to move their headquarters or factories to one of the suburban cities, especially to the areas West or Northwest from Budapest.
Top managers and members of the board of directors are mainly foreigners who come to Hungary with their family. Everyday life of these expats can be greatly simplified if they find a home offered for rent close to their workplace, bearing in mind the interests of the family and also the location of international schools their children are going to attend.

Pros and Cons

At first thought foreigners might have prejudice against living in the suburban area. This fear is not substantiated, especially if advantages (like lower rental fees, smaller traffic jams, relaxed everyday life) are also taken into account. However, you shouldn’t forget disadvantages like scarce and infrequent public transportation, necessity of car and being away from city life.

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