House Rent Budapest

House for rent at Buda vs. Pest

In case you are looking for a house for rent in Budapest, it is more likely that you will find it at Buda side. There is hardly any house for rent in the areas of Pest preferred by expats, except for a few classical buildings rented by embassies or companies (used as company headquarters). Optional residential houses are found mainly in the Buda hills or in the suburban villages (around Budapest, especially on the border of Buda).

This kind of deficiency of Pest is double balanced by Buda: there are plenty of houses for rent in this area with different style, size and layout. They can be detached, semi-detached or row houses.

Residential houses vs. residences for rent

Some houses at Buda side are equipped with swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna or a small private playground. A distinction shall be certainly made between residential houses suitable for families and houses rented by embassies. The diplomatic corps do prefer the hillside of Budapest: many residences and embassy buildings are situated in the 12th, 2nd and 1st district.

While embassies like classical style villas, private persons’ taste is presented with a much wider range: some expats like to live in modern, minimal style houses while others vote for Bauhaus villas.

As these rental properties are in luxurious, brand new or renovated condition, they can be perfect homes for expats.

Location and accessibility of International Schools

The proximity of international schools can also be an important criterion while looking for a house to rent.

You should also take into account that it is much easier to reach your destinations (the schools as well) at Buda side by driving a car or by using the school bus service provided by international schools.

2nd or 3rd district is the best choice for families whose kids attend the British School is, while parents preferring the American or the French School may choose the farther part of 2nd district also known as Hidegkút or 2/A district .

First option of German and Japanese families’ from location point of view is almost always the 12th district as the German, the Austrian and the Japanese schools can be found there.

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