What does the rental fee include?

The rental fee usually doesn’t include any additional costs related to the property, e.g. utility costs, common cost, gardening, internet and cable TV fee.

Rental fees shown on our website are gross prices as they already contain taxes and levies that owners have to pay after renting out a real estate. The landlord issues an official invoice about the gross rental fee.

The rental fee can be paid either via bank transfer or in cash, usually either in Euros or in Hungarian Forint.

What is a package price?

If you need a short term accommodation we always suggest asking for a package price. This “package” includes all or most of the costs related to the property like:

  • rental fee,
  • common cost,
  • utility costs,
  • internet and cable TV,
  • cleaning.

What are the additional costs?

Most significant parts of the additional costs are the utility costs: electricity, cold and hot water, gas and/or heating costs. The tenant shall pay common cost above these expenses, but only in case of apartments or sometimes in case of row houses. There’s no common cost if you choose to live in a house, but please don’t forget that waste disposal and gardening should be paid above the rental fee and standard utility costs.

The tenant shall also pay for land line telephone, internet, cable TV and/or satellite TV and security service fee (if requested).

In case of newly built condominiums the monthly common cost usually includes heating, cooling and water average costs that shall be settled once or twice in a year and the tenant shall pay the difference. In case of overpayment, less will have to be paid next month.

What is common cost?

Common cost is also called maintenance fee.
Common cost usually includes following:

  • Electricity, water, gas or heating consumption of the common used areas, like underground garage, stairway and common used garden.
  • Fee of the facility manager.
  • Cleaning of the stairway.
  • Gardening.
  • Winter time snow shoveling.
  • In case of condominiums: security service, maintenance of swimming pool, gym and sauna.
  • In some cases the common cost also includes heating, cooling and water lump sum (that will be checked yearly or twice in a year).

What is an American-style kitchen?

An American-style kitchen is an open-plan kitchen that means it is not separated from the living and dining area. In this case the family can be together even when the mother is cooking and the children are playing in the living room.

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