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I’ve never thought that home finding can be so easy. Big thanks to Sophia; she was very helpful and professional.

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Property management

flat renovations, investment purposes in apartment

Property management services are recommended to owners who bought or going to buy real estates for investment purposes. Using these services the investors don’t need to take care of the apartment, because the property management company will handle all problems. It makes the owners’ life much easier, especially those who are too busy or live abroad but would like to earn money by renting out their properties in Budapest.

Property management is a full time job! A good property management company can solve all problems related to the apartment: set appointments with handymen, take care of financial issues, arrange a possible renovation or refurbishment, show the apartment for clients, etc.

As Prime Estate would like to focus 100 % on renting out apartments, we don’t provide any property management services. However, we do know the most reliable property management companies in Budapest and we can recommend them to owners if requested.

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