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I’ve never thought that home finding can be so easy. Big thanks to Sophia; she was very helpful and professional.

Boris D.
client from Russia

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Information for tenants

Find your real estate agency

The first step of a home search is to find a reliable real estate agency. An exclusive contract between the client and the agency is not common in Hungary at all. Most of the properties are available at many agencies but they advertise them with different photos and description. Clients may not notice that they pick out same real estate from several agencies’ database. Given the above if a tenant decides to visit properties with many agencies, there is a risk of seeing the same property twice or more. It is a waste of time and money for the client.

We recommend using one real estate agency to find your dream home in Budapest to avoid such situations. We at Prime Estate are happy to discuss your choices, especially since many properties advertised on the internet are already rented out. If you let us know about your favourites, we can check their availability. Trust us: we are at your service!

Clarify with the agency what you are looking for

It is quite difficult to decide where you would like to live and what kind of real estate you can afford for your budget without having any personal experience about everyday life in Hungary.

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Prime Estate will help you find out which districts, areas or neighbourhoods would be the most suitable for you and your family taking into consideration important aspects like location, school, local amenities, and distance from workplace or from shopping centre.

Your colleagues will give you good advices, but please, don’t forget that you may have different requests and taste as they have. Their recommendations might be useful keeping in mind that this is your choice and it will be your home! We will surely give you the best suggestions as we have a complete overlook at the rental market!

Let's search for the most suitable property!

Choosing the most suitable property, preparing the contract

We suggest taking notes during the property visit so that you can easier compare your favourites listing pros and cons of the real estates. After receiving your preference list we will negotiate for you beginning with the most suitable property.

To be able to start with negotiation, it is important to know:

  • Who will be the Lessee?
  • How much you intend to pay?
  • How long shall be the lease period?
  • If you have any special request regarding furniture or remodelling of the premises?
  • Termination conditions.

We have to check the company policy and the standard lease agreement (if any) if it is your company that will enter into lease agreement. In this case we contact the company’s legal advisors and HR department as well.

Rental fee and other expenses

While the monthly rental fee is negotiable, related costs are fixed or dependant on your consumption. The common cost is calculated in advance and determined by the condominium. It might be increased once in a year when the condominium has its annual meeting. Utility expenses are also paid by the tenant in addition to the rental fee.

Rental fee is usually paid in Euro or in Hungarian Forint. You shall pay security deposit equal to 2 or 3 months rental fee above the first month’s rent. Deposit shall be paid in advance, before handover of the real estate.

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Handover of the property

Our agency gives a helping hand at the time of moving in as well: we take pictures of the current condition of the property, prepare an English-Hungarian inventory list and handover minutes. We record the status of the utility meters, check the keys and if all household equipment is in working order. It is always helpful to have English manuals to the equipment that we can arrange for as well.

Last but not least the tenant has only one thing left to do: enjoy his new home!

Find your dream home in Budapest!