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Luxury rentals Budapest

Although Budapest is still considered as one of the capitals of Eastern European block, the wide range of rental properties can easily rival any luxurious real estate built in any big city of Western Europe.
Many luxurious condominiums, unique houses and villas have been built before the economic crises of 2008.

Luxury rentals at Pest

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Luxury shall be interpreted in different ways on the two sides of Budapest. Really old buildings in reputable streets of the 5th and 6th districts have been renovated instead of being demolished. There are many luxurious flats for rent in these residences that can offer you all the comfort you’ve ever dreamt of: their beautiful facades are perfectly renovated preserving their original style but from inside they are like brand new, modern real estates with a classical touch of the past centuries.

Luxury rentals at Buda

luxury rentals, luxury properties, exclusive houses

There are much more possibilities at Buda with different style and types of luxury on the rental market.
Top quality houses at Buda play a significant role in the luxury rental market and there are a substantial number of luxurious condominiums on the hillside.



luxury rentals, luxury properties, exclusive houses

These houses and apartments for rent are equipped with the well-known luxurious elements, like swimming pool, wellness area, and they offer additional extras as well. These might be invisible at first sight but still very important: high quality materials, equipment, belongings and fittings and security services (24/7 security guard, alarm and camera system, laser barrier).


Last but not least we would like to draw your attention to the fact that luxurious properties for rent are available in Budapest for a much better price than in most countries expats come from.

Let's find the perfect real estate!

Apartments for rent in Budapest

Romantic villa

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Size: 220 sqm

Rental fee: 5500 EUR

Gorgeously renovated house close to International Schools.

Hilltop house

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 3

Size: 300 sqm

Rental fee: 4000 EUR

Scandinavian style detached house in perfect condition.

Modern apartment

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Size: 183 sqm

Rental fee: 3500 EUR

Elegant condo flat with huge living room and terraces for businessmen.

Downtown apartment

Bedrooms: 2


Size: 70 sqm

Rental fee: 1300 EUR

Apartment with panoramic view to Danube River with designer furniture.