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Property rental Budapest

Budapest rentals for long and short term

Prime Estate Real Estate Agency offers properties for rent both for short term, like few months’ projects or movie shootings and for long term for expats plan to live in Hungary for many years.

Client oriented home search

There are thousands of various types of rental flats in our database from smaller size downtown or Buda side apartments to luxury penthouses and houses. If you can’t find the suitable real estate on our website despite of having a large number of properties to rent in Budapest, please contact us and tell us about your rental requests. Our colleague will call you back or send you an e-mail and will consult with you about your personal requirements. You can rest assured that we find the most appropriate flat or house to rent!

Please, be kindly advised that if you are looking for a rental home in Budapest and use our home finding services, it is FREE OF CHARGE!

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Full assistance

You may have special wishes when searching for an apartment for rent, such as renovation or remodeling works, purchasing extra furniture, etc., but these are no problems at all! Prime Estate will discuss and settle every detail with the Landlords. Our agency’s job is to discover the best real estate for rent and we are also on the front line during negotiations about price, rental conditions, preparing lease contracts and consulting with company lawyers or ministry of foreign affairs.


Financial notes

professional rental service, Budapest real esate agency

It is important to note that rental fees published on Prime Estate’s website are gross amounts (with official invoice), which means they include all taxes and levies, although they don’t contain the common cost and utility costs.

Of course we can negotiate package prices – especially for short term rentals – that can include all or a part of the additional costs as per Tenant’s request.

To be able to decide which area of Budapest you would like to live, please find a short introduction of our beautiful city below:

Find your dream home in Budapest!

Why is it a good decision to rent a property at Buda side?

property at Buda side, property rentals Buda

The capital of Hungary is situated along river Danube. Budapest consists of twenty-three districts with population about 1.7 million. The city is divided into two parts by the Danube in a north-south direction. The mountainous left bank is called Buda, with over 20 hills and the flat right bank is called Pest.

Buda is famous for its hot water thermal springs some of which have medicinal effects due to their valuable mineral contents. Living on this side of the Danube gives you the opportunity to find excellent restaurants with beautiful panoramic view, romantic parks and lovely playgrounds close by.

Buda gives home for all the international schools and kindergartens and this is the mostly preferred area among expats and diplomats living in Budapest. This area provides perfect home for foreign families who would like to be close to the schools and friends while enjoying the green of the hillside or the historical touch of the Castle area.

Vicinity of nature, fresh air and family friendly atmosphere characterize this part of the city. There are several big shopping malls, grocery shops, lots of recreation facilities, international medical centers; all making the everyday life here very comfortable. This part of Budapest is ideal for families with children; you can avoid queuing in the traffic jam during the rush hours, and it is easy to find new friends from all around the world!

Most embassies and residences are also located here. Furthermore many Hungarian politicians and public figures live at Buda side. Given the above this area is absolutely secure.

Who should choose Pest side?

luxury penthouses, house to rent, Buda side apartments

Crossing one of the amazing bridges of Budapest, you arrive to Pest side, right into the heart of the capital.

The downtown area offers sparkling night life for every age and taste with its famous restaurants, bars, clubs and cinemas. The biggest shopping malls, art galleries, museums and theaters offer quality leisure time. Most well-known international brands keep exclusive stores in Andrássy Boulevard.

Many companies and banks have their headquarters here establishing pulsing business environment.

Pest is more suitable for singles or couples, who enjoy the cosmopolitan city life, prefer eating out, going out, meeting friends and colleagues after working hours. This area is always full of people, who would like to be a part of the never sleeping downtown life.

If you live at Pest side, you can get around quickly by excellent public transport facilities. While life is easier if you have a car at Buda side, Pest is more like a perfect network of subway, bus, tram and trolleybus lines. Most railway stations are located at Pest side together with the international airport in the south-east.

In any case, whatever your wishes are, we will catch the best bargain for you!

Budapest is our city but the choice is yours, so let’s get a piece of it!

Let's find the perfect real estate!

Apartments for rent in Budapest

Romantic villa

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 2

Size: 220 sqm

Rental fee: 5500 EUR

Gorgeously renovated house close to International Schools.

Hilltop house

Bedrooms: 5

Bathrooms: 3

Size: 300 sqm

Rental fee: 4000 EUR

Scandinavian style detached house in perfect condition.

Modern apartment

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 2

Size: 183 sqm

Rental fee: 3500 EUR

Elegant condo flat with huge living room and terraces for businessmen.

Downtown apartment

Bedrooms: 2


Size: 70 sqm

Rental fee: 1300 EUR

Apartment with panoramic view to Danube River with designer furniture.