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About Budapest

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Please click on Property rental Budapest if you would like to get basic information about our city.

But now we let you know about some extra details that are important for us or Hungarian people are proud of:

There is no doubt that Budapest is a great place to live at!

Many clichés reflect the reality when talking about Budapest….

Girls are very pretty indeed! Although Hungarian women are not like Italian donnas: perfect from head to foot, but most of us have something special that catches men’s eyes. We are friendly and love to be admired by the most handsome Hungarian gentlemen.

On the other hand everything is about eating and drinking: we love to enjoy culinary delights, drinking high quality Hungarian wines or spirit (called pálinka) and eat our delicious meals. Budapest is the citadel of gastronomy: there are many restaurants, bars and cafes where you can try different type of wines and meals.

Music and gastronomy festivals also become more and more significant part of our cultural life. Sziget (means Island) Festival is one of the biggest music events in Europe: you can listen to various musicians, and there are plenty of programs offering demanding leisure time for all ages.

Budapest is a colourful city with its museums and theatres; there are concerts and exhibitions all year long. It is worth to visit the Palace of Arts (MÜPA), Millenáris Park or Orfeum in the downtown.

We are proud of Budapest’s excellent music education attracting many foreigner students from all over the world.

Budapest is full of expats and tourists and everyday life is pulsating, especially in the summer time.

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